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Harder, longer lasting erections for men, longer lasting sexual activity, reaching more climaxes for both men and women! This is what every couple desires.

Libido Forte

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This is what everyone wants, both men and woman! But, for whatever reason, sometimes it does not entirely succeed. Then there's nothing to do? Of course not! Control the reduced sexual energy with 100% natural herbs!

Libido Forte is for all those people who, for whatever reason, sometimes have less sexual performance. This can also be caused by stress and fatigue.

The advantages of Libidoforte at a glance:
  • no negative side effects
  • supports the sexual energy of men and women
  • works fast and stays working for hours
  • each time only one capsule required
  • no prescription needed

We deliver Libidoforte in the following countries:

Austria (Österreich) - Belgium (België) - Bulgaria - Denmark (Danmark) - Estonia (Eesti) - Finland (Suomi) - France (République française) - Germany (Deutschland) - Hungary - Ireland - Italy (Italia) - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Netherlands (Nederland) - Poland (Polska) - Portugal - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Slovenia - Spain (España) - Sweden (Sverige) - United Kingdom

What is Libido Forte?
Libido Forte is a product that has been used in Asia for years now to stimulate the sexual energy in men. This improved sexual energy helps you to get an erection more easy. It also strengthens the lust in both men and women!

Because it strengthens the lust you will find it easier to get an orgasm several times in row.

Does Libido Forte really work that good?
Users of Libidoforte are very pleased with the result. This feeling may persist for several hours and you will notice that you can be sexually very active during this time.

The origin of Libidoforte:
Libido Forte has its origins in ancient China. A precursor of this product was used hundreds of years ago in China by emperors and other dignitaries to provide (extra) sexual stimulation. Lovemaking was also at that time a very important activity, and men with extra long and higher sexual performance, enjoyed greater prestige. To meet this preferential treatment they took large amounts of performance-enhancing plants and herbs. At that time, however, it was very common to make tea out of these plants and herbs. That tea was drinked several times a day. In time this had the desired stimulating effect.
This ancient formula was discovered several years ago by Oriental nutritionists. The knowledge about these plants and herbs was used by experts as a base and by intensive cooperation with Western colleagues - according to the latest scientific research, they succeeded in reducing the mix of herbs and plants to just one capsule. Libido Forte!

The popular Libido Forte is a Chinese herb, which creates a very intense erotic effect on men and women.
It gets men a firm erection of Mother Nature. Libido Forte has a positive influence on the establishment, strengthening and maintaining of an erection. Because it increases the power of the sexual organ functions and promote the blood flow to the penis. Thanks to its positive influence on the recovery after orgasm, Libidoforte realizes an erection again and again.
For women, this product stimulates the blood flow, making the vagina more sensitive. Libidoforte also increases fluid production and the intensity of the orgasm. For women, these herbs also have a beneficial effect on recovery after orgasms. In short: Endless hours of enjoyment for men and women and many orgasms.

Use Libidoforte:
Take 1 capsule 1 hour before sexual activity.
Keep the product dry and at room temperature.
Not more than 1 time per day.
Before use read the instructions.

Dry extracts of Chinese herbs, hard gelatin capsule.
Active ingredients: Rhizome Polygonati 114 mg lactose, 106 mg, Fructus Chinensis Lycii, 30 mg, 24 mg Presi Cinnemonium Cassia, Radix Morindae Sincasis 24 mg, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, 21 mg, Cortex Amomum, 21 mg, Radix Ginseng, 18 mg Frictus Cornus officinalis, 18 mg, Fructus Schisandrae, 15 mg, polygoni multiflorum Radix, 15 mg, Silica, 4 mg, magnesium stearate, 4 mg.

Additives: Lactose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

What you should know before taking Libidoforte
Libidoforte is a herbal and 100% natural product that does not endanger one's health when it is taken according to the enclosed product information.
- Cardiac problems: your physician should carefully check if your heart can stand the increase in the sexual activities;
- Pregnancy: we strongly advise not to use Libido Forte during pregnancy;
- In case of sensitivity for one or more of the ingredients Libido forte should not be taken;
- In combination with the same kind of products Libido forte should not be taken;
- Under the age of 18 years Libido forte should not be taken.

5 capsules

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